Beautify & Protect Your South Florida Home With Our Horizontal Window Replacement Services

Horizontal windows from Florida Solar & Air represent the perfect blend of form and function. Also known as slider windows, these versatile additions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also offer practical advantages, which is why our horizontal window replacement service is one of our most popular offerings.

Advantages of Horizontal Windows for South Florida Homes

You can find horizontal windows in homes of various architectural styles. No matter, what type of home, however, the benefits of these windows are numerous, including:

Ease of Operation – With a smooth horizontal sliding mechanism, these windows are effortlessly easy to open and close. The convenience they provide in operation makes them an ideal choice, especially for areas that might be harder to reach.

Ventilation Control – Enjoy flexible control over ventilation by sliding one or both sashes horizontally. This feature is particularly valuable in areas where you want to direct airflow or in rooms where traditional window styles might be impractical.

Contemporary Design – Horizontal windows often boast a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Their clean lines and unobtrusive look make them well-suited for contemporary and minimalist architectural styles.

Wide Views – Revel in unobstructed views of the outdoors, thanks to the expansive expanse of glass that horizontal windows typically offer. These windows are ideal for homes with scenic surroundings or for those seeking to maximize natural light.

Space Efficiency – Unlike windows that protrude outward when opened, horizontal windows are space-efficient. This makes them a practical choice for areas with limited exterior space, such as walkways or patios.

Versatility – Due to their design, horizontal windows can be easily installed in various locations, including above countertops, near ceilings, or as basement windows. Their versatility makes them adaptable to diverse settings.

Why Choose Horizontal Windows from Florida Solar & Air?

As a leading home improvement company in South Florida, we've partnered with the trusted manufacturer CGI Impact Windows and Doors to offer horizontal impact windows that undergo rigorous strength testing. Our windows feature a special interlayer and robust frames, which make our window capable of withstanding powerful impacts and hurricane-force winds. Tested against a 2x4 beam at 34 mph, our impact windows stand strong, ensuring the safety of your home during challenging weather conditions.

Contact Florida Solar & Air today to schedule a free consultation for window replacement and explore our horizontal windows—the perfect fusion of style and functionality for South Florida homes.

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Great company!! As a roof replacement is a major project, we probably got a dozen estimates.  Everyone, except Florida Solar wanted a deposit before the job even started.  We could not be more satisfied.  Starting with our salesman Nathan, the Office Staff who kept us appraised of everything, and the installation crew, who did an amazing job. The company also takes care of all permits, and inspections with the county as well as Homeowners Associations I will be recommending this company to our friends, and neighbors. Once again, top notch company.

Paul Smith

Tampa, FL

This company exceeded my expectations.  From start to finish I was informed of the status of my project. Everything was done in a timely manner . David and his installation crew were clean and efficient. I love that this company doesn't use sub contractors . It was a piece of mind for me knowing they do everything in house. I'll recommend them to everybody. Thank you FSA!

Ray B.

Tampa, FL

We are very satisfied with the teamwork, from the first appointment where Damaris and Anthony gave a detailed presentation of the materials and the process; Michael the project manager was always on the lookout for any questions we had and Greg the installer did a very clean and careful job with the best disposition paying attention to every detail. It has been a quick and timely process. everyone has been very professional. Thank you!

Julian O.

Tampa, FL