Central Air Conditioner Specials

By Alex Mustelier, General Contractor, Florida Solar & Air

When it comes to the proper size of your central air conditioner, your home will dictate what it should be. Square footage, insulation, window type, and ceiling height are all factors that impact the size you need to efficiently cool your home. Once you consult with an expert on the appropriate size of your central air conditioning unit, you need to consider the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). SEER is a number that charts the efficiency of your central air conditioning unit. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the central air conditioning unit will be, and the lower your monthly energy bills. Importantly, however, a higher or lower SEER will not cool your home any better. It simply uses less energy to reach your desired temperature.

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Great company!! As a roof replacement is a major project, we probably got a dozen estimates.  Everyone, except Florida Solar wanted a deposit before the job even started.  We could not be more satisfied.  Starting with our salesman Nathan, the Office Staff who kept us appraised of everything, and the installation crew, who did an amazing job. The company also takes care of all permits, and inspections with the county as well as Homeowners Associations I will be recommending this company to our friends, and neighbors. Once again, top notch company.

Paul Smith

Tampa, FL

This company exceeded my expectations.  From start to finish I was informed of the status of my project. Everything was done in a timely manner . David and his installation crew were clean and efficient. I love that this company doesn't use sub contractors . It was a piece of mind for me knowing they do everything in house. I'll recommend them to everybody. Thank you FSA!

Ray B.

Tampa, FL

We are very satisfied with the teamwork, from the first appointment where Damaris and Anthony gave a detailed presentation of the materials and the process; Michael the project manager was always on the lookout for any questions we had and Greg the installer did a very clean and careful job with the best disposition paying attention to every detail. It has been a quick and timely process. everyone has been very professional. Thank you!

Julian O.

Tampa, FL