Florida Solar & Air Offers New $1500 Rebate on High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Units

Energy Experts Help Florida Homeowners Benefit from New AC Rebate

Miami, FL – September 13, 2010 – Florida Solar & Air, a leading provider of residential energy efficient products in South Florida, today announced it’s offering the new $1500 Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential rebate on all high-efficiency air conditioners. The new rebate is in addition to the current $1500 federal tax credit and rebates of up to $1175 from Florida Power & Light (FPL). With so many rebates and tax credits available, there’s no better time for Florida homeowners to buy a new AC unit.

The Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program expires at the end of the year or when the money runs out. Currently, there is $14.9 million remaining in available funding for the program. The program’s goal is to encourage existing homeowners to replace older, less efficient cooling system with new high-efficiency units.

“Many air conditioning companies don’t have the expertise to help homeowners qualify for the rebate,” said Alex Mustelier, VP of Sales at Florida Solar & Air. “For example, in order to qualify, a system must be appropriately sized for a home. The process, called Manual J sizing, requires the right experience and costs several hundreds of dollars to perform. At Florida Solar & Air, we do the Manual J free of charge.”

In order to qualify for the rebate, air conditioning units must meet certain high-efficiency standards. In addition, homes must have their ducts tested to make sure no more than 15 percent of the cool air is escaping. Finally, homeowners need to present a copy of the summary (first page) of the ACCA Manual J program, used to properly size the HVAC system. Florida Solar & Air manages this process end-to-end for its customers.

To learn more about the program, contact Florida Solar & Air today for a free in-home estimate. An expert will guide you through how to qualify for the new $1500 rebate as well as the $1500 federal tax credit and $1175 FPL rebate. Homeowners can also learn more by visiting the Florida Solar & Air blog.

About Florida Solar & Air

Florida Solar & Air provides residential high-efficiency products to homes in South Florida. Products include Air Conditioning and Impact Windows. Florida Solar & Air is committed to helping homeowners save money through energy-efficient tax incentives and rebates, lower monthly energy bills, and increased home values. Visit www.solarandair.com or call 888-310-0310 for a free estimate today.

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