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Solar Rebates

Rebates & Tax Credits

Below is a list of the major incentives for both residential and commercial PV installations available in Florida. For a complete listing of state, federal, and utility incentives, including grants, loans and other programs, you can vist the N.C Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Florida State Solar Rebate

The State of Florida is currently providing rebates for the purchase and installation of residential PV systems in the amount of $4 per watt. The system must be rated for at least 2,000 watts of DC power and the maximum rebate is $20,000.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Under Florida Law, improved real property upon which a renewable energy source device (PV) is installed and operated is entitled to an exemption in the amount of the original cost of the device, including the installation cost. This does not include the cost of replacing, removing, or improving existing property in the course of the installation. The device must be installed on or after January 1, 2009 and the exemption will not be authorized for more than 10 years. Also this amount will be pro-rated depending on the installation date, until the following year they can receive the full incentive.

Utility Incentives

A growing number of utilities in Florida are offering a variety of incentives for energy efficiency and solar power. Be sure to check with your utility and the national incentive database referenced above.

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