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Impact Windows and Doors 101

About Impact Windows and Doors

Impact windows and doors consist of impact-resistant glass surrounded by a heavy-duty frame, which is securely fastened to the interior window header and frame. This construction and anchoring keep high hurricane winds and debris from breaching your home.

What Makes Impact Windows Different?

Impact windows and doors look like traditional glazing, but they are multi-layered, with stronger, heavier frames than traditional windows.
The idea for shatter-resistant glass windows for homes came from the automotive field where laminated glass has been in use for years to protect occupants. There are two common types of impact-resistant glazing for your windows:

  • The laminated glass consisting of two sheets of glass with an inner shatterproof membrane between them. These windows are designed to handle wind-borne debris hurled at high wind speeds and repeated impact from would-be intruders.
  • Window film applied to the surface of the glazing. With filmed windows, a shatter-resistant film is placed over the glass to keep the window shards in place if broken. Their durability really depends on how well the glass and protective laminate stay in the frame and window assembly.

Protecting Your Home Envelope

Impact windows and doors protect your home from wind and water damage in hurricanes. A broken window provides a point of entry for wind that enters the house, increases pressure, and seeks another way out. The only way to protect against damage from wind entry is to keep it out. This means deflecting wind and driving it around the building. This is why hurricane measures have been enacted in Florida for new building in hurricane zones. Residents must install impact resistant windows and doors or a permanent shutter system.

Frames Add Strength to Glazing

It takes an entire window system to make an impact-resistant opening. Frames for impact-resistant windows or doors may be constructed from wood, metal, vinyl, or any combination thereof.

Missile Testing For Total Security

Not every window on the market can claim to be impact resistant. There are testing standards set forth by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) that must be met before the window is certified as being impact-resistant. One of the most stringent of the requirements comes from the South Florida Building Code, which has been concerned about the increase in the number and force of hurricanes over the years.

According to the code, windows and doors must meet requirements for large and small missiles. It specifies that for large missiles, the window has been tested with an impact from a six-foot long 2 by 4 weighing nine pounds, traveling at 50 feet per second. The test is done in a laboratory setting with the lumber fired from a cannon into the window. The window glazing must remain intact after the impact.

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Pat Koeth
Pat Koeth
19:55 09 Apr 18
I cannot say enough about the experience with Florida Solar and Air. All of the employees were so helpful throughout the entire process. I had all the windows and doors on my home replaced with hurricane impact products. The salesman Danny was there throughout the entire process and answered any and all questions I had along the way. The company dealt with all the permitting with the city and also helped me finance the project. The technician Billy had an incredible work ethic and attention to detail. He took great pride in his work and I could not be happier with the finished product. The house passed inspection with no issues. I have and will continue to recommend Florida Solar and Air to anyone looking to have new windows and doors installed.
Obel Cruz
Obel Cruz
11:37 20 Apr 18
I cannot say enough about the experience with Florida Solar and Air. All of the employees were so helpful throughout the entire process. I had all the doors on my home replaced with hurricane impact products. The company dealt with all the permitting with the city and also helped me finance the project. The technician Yoel and David had an incredible work ethic and attention to detail. They took great pride in there work and I could not be happier with the finished product. The house passed inspection with no issues. I have and will continue to recommend Florida Solar and Air to anyone looking to have new windows and doors installed.
Luis Ballesteros
Luis Ballesteros
00:56 24 Apr 18
I had a GREAT experience with Florida Solar & Air, I totally recommend this company, they are very professionals and get the job done no matter what. They take care of everything from removing the old windows, installing, cleaning, covering furniture, removing debris. The crew leader, Billy is the BEST! He is so professional and committed to the job! He made an amazing job in our house.
Rob N Lori
Rob N Lori
00:18 10 Apr 18
Great experience from beginning to end! Tom was very thorough in explaining the different windows and options. The installation went smoother than I could’ve ever imagined. My installer Billy Dimas was extremely professional, clean, punctual and thorough. He did such an amazing job on my windows and doors. I’ve heard horror stories about Impact window installations and I was worried about things breaking and having a huge mess in my house but that wasn’t the case. Billy took the time to clean up after each window was done. He answered any questions I had and made sure I was happy. Neighbors comment on how nice my windows and doors look! I highly recommend this company!
20:12 17 May 18
I could not be happier with what I see so far. Today was the first part of replacing a series of siding doors facing the patio and what a difference!!! The installation crew has been terrific and the project manager has explained everything in detail at every step of the job. Very punctual, clean, precise, neat, and attentive to any request. These guys know their job and execute it very well. What a pleasure! The job will be finished on Tuesday January second when I will conclude the review. Happy new year to all!!! April 26, 2018: The job was completed today with the final installation of the energy efficient entrance door panels and the hardware that had been requested. Kudos to the installers David and Joel. They are neat, honest, organized, and take so much pride for their job. They are always ready to solve any problem that might arise during the process. It was great to see them again for the final touch. Thank you again.May 18, 2018: The picture window that was installed in February 2012 has developed condensation between the two panes of glass. Few days ago I called Solar and Air and Mr Brian Bendel, a project manager with whom I had the pleasure to do business with before, came to my house today for an inspection. As usual, they took care of business and will send the manufacturer, CGI for a pertinent solution. Thank you again for living up to the expectations. Great work. I will continue with the review once the problem is solved.
00:46 13 Jun 18
We were very pleased with the installers from Florida Solar. They replaced our doors and windows very professionally and quickly.From start to finish they were very polite and at the end of the project cleaned up all the debris from our home and property. We were very pleased with the outcome of their workmanship.
Dina Rhodes
Dina Rhodes
23:49 05 Jul 18
Carlos and Yaykime were AMAZING! They arrived early and worked nonstop all day until my new windows were installed. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with their work and their lovely friendly personalities. They were efficient, cleaned as they went along, and truly went above and beyond to deliver excellent service. Without a doubt, Florida Solar & Air will be the first call I make if I ever need anything else they can provide. This was my first experience with this company and Carlos and Yaykime have made me a loyal customer for life!! Thank you guys!!
Vicente Mayans, III
Vicente Mayans, III
16:37 22 Jul 18
Had the most professional experience with Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez (Sales Manager) of Florida Solar & Air. He not only knew the material regarding impact windows for my home, but had research handy for my wife and I on his laptop. He also had samples of impact windows and demonstrated the difference between them thoughly. I strongly recommend him for anyone who has this project in mind.
Natalia M Francisco
Natalia M Francisco
17:40 24 Jul 18
Installers Leo and Carlos are very professional and have done an excellent job!!! Would highly recommend them!!!!!Also my experience with Florida Solar and Air has been a wonderful. Everyone has. been highly competent and high service from all.
M Samuel
M Samuel
19:51 31 Jul 18
The installers Yaykime and Carlos were extremely professional and timely. They made sure that things were put back and cleaned after themselves. They were courteous even though at times there was a language barrier, they did their best to communicate what they were doing at all times. Hopefully, the next installers for the sliding doors will be the same. Thank you.
Ari Rodriguez
Ari Rodriguez
01:30 13 Sep 18
I am very excited to have started this large business transaction deal (large for me, since I replaced evert window and door) with Florida Solar & Air due to what I witnessed in professionalism starting from the samples of product and the forms which highlight every guarantee and comfort a buyer likes to be assured of. When I first met Erika she was very professional and patient in reassuring that I understood the big difference in products. I was very lucky to have met Terry as well whom managed to help me be able to finally get my most important work on the house done which was contract them.I am awaiting the order and will update through the process if everything is as clean cut as the form states. Which I'm sure it will be.Updated:The finish product was outstanding! They have really stood up to their quality and every word! If I have any issues they immediately respond and rectify any issues that came along with such a big project.I have found myself raving about their company when ever hearing anyone mention they are planning on a window project since my experience was so fantastic. I feel completely at ease knowing I definitely can count on them if any issues were to arise or for any future projects.Till this day, 2 years later 09/12/18... they have outstanding customer service when I call to get any additional service! Totally reliable! Worth every penny for peace of mind.
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