Central Air Conditioner Specials

Save up to $2930 when you get a free central air conditioning estimate today.

Central Air Conditioning Specials

Cut costs with rebates, tax credits and special offers that add up to $2930 in total savings

$1175 Florida Power & Light Rebate for New Central Air Conditioning

As a FPL partner, we can save you up to $1175 when you purchase and install a complete high-efficiency air conditioning system with a minimum 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). Rebates are based on the efficiency rating and size of your new system.

Manufacturers Rebates

Get $1,000 back for buying select central air conditioning. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the best possible savings. From air conditioning to windows and solar, we offer exclusive rebates not available anywhere else.

100% Financing Available

100% financing makes it easy to get started with a new air conditioning unit. With no down payment required and low monthly payments, you’ll have the flexibility you need to make the best air conditioning choices for your home.

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