Impact Windows Styles

A Variety of Impact Window Styles

We offer a complete line of impact windows styles based on your needs. Below are just a few of the impact windows styles we offer. Contact us for a free-estimate to learn more about our customized impact windows styles.

Single-Hung Window

Vertically operating window in which the sash weight is offset by counter balancing mechanism mounted in the window. Single hung windows features a stationary top and a movable bottom half.

Double Hung Windows

Windows that have an upper(outsider) sash that slides down, and a lower(inside) sash that slides up. Both the upper and lower halves can slide up and down and use a counter balance mechanism

Horizontal Window

Windows where the movable panels slide horizontally. These windows consist of one or more horizontally operable sash in a sealing frame

Casement Window

Windows that have a slide-hinged sash that opens like a door – the best window for catching breezes and crosswinds. The sash is usually operated by means of roto-operator or handles

Picture Windows

A fixed window in a wall, typically without glazing bars, or glazed with only perfunctory glazing bars near the edge of the window. Picture windows are intended to provide an unimpeded view, as if framing a picture.

Geometric Windows

Premium fixed, radius and geometric windows frame your favorite exterior view. Available in a wide range of standard shapes and sizes

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