Solar Electricity (PV)

Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity to power your home or business. PV is quickly becoming popular as a reliable, low-maintenance, clean, low-cost energy alternative. Solar electricity allows you to be as energy independent as you choose, while lowering your utility bills and carbon emissions. It’s particularly popular with our customers in Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean where there’s an abundance of free sunlight. Solar panels come in a variety of styles for mounting on the ground or on rooftops.

Solar Water Heaters

Our customers love their solar hot water systems. Solar thermal technology has been perfected over many decades to provide a greater abundance of hot water than possible with electric or gas heaters – all with the sun’s free energy. Because the initial investment is small and the monthly savings are large (reducing the average electric bill by 25%), solar water heaters provide a quick return on investment. A popular option for homes, offices and factories, solar water heaters offer low-cost, low-maintenance hot water year-round.

Solar Pool Heaters

Compared to gas or electric heaters, solar pool heaters offer the only affordable option for homeowners who want to enjoy their pools year-round. Pool owners throughout the Southeast and Caribbean swim comfortably ten months of the year, or more, with solar-heated water. Still greatly misunderstood, solar energy can easily heat your pool in the high 80s and low 90s – and yes, that’s how most of our customers like their pool water. Most homeowners simply can’t afford to maintain such temperatures using gas or electric heaters.


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